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When the Cat’s Away…

After writing about being Single for a little over a year I’ve come to the very profound conclusion that there is…wait for it…very little to conclude. As ever the biggest challenge has been to avoid cliché, but this is of course impossible, it’s always lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce when you least expect it.

My fear of cliché has, at times, been utterly crippling. I’ve angrily deleted huge chunks of my script several times over, berating myself for not saying anything new and simply rehashing the same old boring blah blah blah I’ve heard in a dozen motivational TED talks.

Having now finished Horatio and Me and performed it once to an appreciative audience @ Rich Mix I know that I really haven’t written anything particularly profound, extraordinary or ground breaking. In the end I didn’t force myself into any chirpy life changing plenary I just wrote 40 minutes of funny material which people genuinely seemed to enjoy.

At the end of the story the Lettie of my tale hasn’t really progressed in her quest for love at all, but her poetic rant about the vagaries of single life has been, at least, vaguely entertaining and at most (and here I do flatter myself) immensely cathartic. BOOM put that on your Edinburgh poster and smoke it!

Drunkenly eulogising about the experience to my friends and family in the pub afterwards I kept saying, without any sense of irony, ‘its like I’m getting married, everyone who I love is here, how wonderful, how special, I love you all…’ etc etc. 

However just like the character of Lettie in my story I am still slightly at a loss to understand what it is I should have learnt from the experience. Performing my little bit of poetry is extremely good fun, but what next?

This type of thinking is what could be described as a tad over analytical but I can’t help nawing away at these questions like some sort of literary woodpecker. So I’ve started editing again.  A painful and masochistic exercise that never truly ends. However necessary for ‘progress’ or something like that. I’m still confident that sometime in the future I might write something vaguely inspirational. For now, laugh on my friends, its the best way I’ve found to keep the darkness at bay.

I’ll be performing my latest edits at Arts Lav  on 25 October. We’ll be transforming this tiny old Victorian toilet in Kennington into a cosy living room and welcoming a limited number of guests to take part in an extremely intimate site-specific performance of the show! I’m also delighted to be working with film-maker Theresa Varga on a two minute preview of the piece that I’m hoping might just become my ticket to Edinburgh and beyond in 2015.




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